two headed quarter

Two Headed Quarter

Two Headed Quarter is guaranteed to come up heads every time! This Two Headed Quarter is actually made from two real quarters. Makes the perfect gag joke or good luck charm!

Precision cutting slices two genuine quarters in half so two heads are obtained, the two heads are then carefully placed together making a double headed quarter, aka Two Headed Quarter. Picture is example and the two headed quarter you get might have different dates. Think of the fun you could have with this two headed quarter at parties, the office or with that big mouth neighbor! Keep your two headed quarter with you and never lose a bet again!

Two Headed Quarter

Extremely Realistic Two Headed Quarter - Trick Your Friends!!

Want to win the coin toss EVERY time? Tired of being the one to go on a pizza run in the middle of a blizzard? With the highly realistic two headed quarter you�ll never come up tails again.

What do our customers say about our Two Headed Quarter?

The Two Headed Quarter as a Bar Joke
"I was at this bar last week. I had my special two sided quarter on me which I carry all the time. I figured I would play a fun joke with some buddies there. I got the double sided quarter out and told a guy, I will bet ya five dollars this quarter will comes up heads. He said sure why not, and bingo, the double headed quarter came up heads! He told me beginners luck, so I said how about double or nothing? He agreed, and bingo, landed on heads again. I'm starting to love my new lucky two sided quarter!"

The Two Headed Quarter as a Magic Trick
"I love this magic double headed quarter. I use it at every party I go to. If there are lots of people at the party, I also take out my two headed nickel, and mix it up with normal coins. People get so frustrated and think there is some magic magnet causing it to come up heads everytime. Since the two headed quarter is made from two real quarters, everyone think its the real thing. This magic trick is a classic!"

The Two Headed Quarter as a Quick Save
"I went out with my wife last week. We had dinner then decided to go see a movie. Shes one of these women that loves all the sappy romantic chic flicks. I'm more into the action and war type movies. We got there and couldnt decided what movie we wanted to see, so we decided to flip a coin. Lucky I always carry my lucky two headed coin. I think you know the rest of the story. Thank you two headed quarter for saving me!"

Your two headed quarter comes sealed in package. Makes a great gift for all ages.

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